Childrens Dentist Auburn WA

Childrens Dentist Auburn WA

At Universal Dental Care, you can find an experienced children's dentist in Auburn, WA. We receive patients all the time who have been in treatment elsewhere and couldn't get the care that they needed. If you feel exhausted by the run-around and frustrated that you haven't been able to get the right treatment for your children, you are in good hands with us! By the time families come to Universal Dental Care, we know that they have likely been through a run-around. We aren't going to refer you somewhere else. We will figure out what needs to be done and take care of the problem, as our children's dentist is one of the best in Auburn, WA!

We Love Kids

At Universal Dental Care, we work with children all the time. Our entire staff is trained to work with children. We know how to explain things to them and make them comfortable. We don't want your children to be scared when they are in our care. Of course, some children will be afraid, but our staff is gentle, patient, caring, and understanding. Indeed, it's usually just a matter of a couple of visits, and children start to feel safe and secure at our dental clinic.

On our end, it's very rewarding to see our little ones go from being afraid to sit in the dentist's chair to being comfortable and even engaging in the dentistry experience. Our goal is to make sure our child patients aren't afraid and are willing and excited about the experience. Once they are, it's easy to get them to engage in their oral health and hygiene, especially concerning brushing and flossing. They end up seeing the dentist's office as a fun place to go and not somewhere that they need to be afraid of.

We Help Children to be Their Healthiest Selves

At Universal Dental Care, our facilities are good and clean. We use all modern state-of-the-art technology and equipment to assess, diagnose, and treat our child patients. Our practice is strong, in part, because of our excellent reputation for children's dentistry. Our goal is that you will find the best possible doctor for your child here, whether your child's dentistry needs are routine or urgent.

As the leading clinic for children's dentistry in Auburn, WA, Universal Dental Care works not just with children but also with their guardians. We educate the families that we work with, so they can train and teach the children the importance of good oral health and hygiene at home. By going to the dentist with children, parents are setting an excellent example of prioritizing dental care. Unfortunately, children often develop cavities that are preventable. With proper hygiene and good dietary habits, guardians can make sure their children are as healthy as can be.

If you are looking for a children's dentist in Auburn, WA, Universal Dental Care is now accepting patients. It all starts with an initial consultation. Feel free to call and schedule an appointment for your child to meet with a dentist.

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